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“BL Represents the young professional man growing but not ageing. Planned over a season you will see a constant variety that will make you the first among equals. Athletic silhouettes to ensure your tailored garments are exactly that.”

Brett Lee’s line of clothing “BL” meets the needs of a number of key market segments:

  • Young males serious about how they look and keeping up to date with the latest in men’s fashion.
  • Men who no longer want to or have to wear a suit to work, and are looking for alternative clothing that is both stylish and suitable for the office.
  • Young fans of Brett who want to show their support by wearing his clothes.

His clothing range is best-described as stylish, comfortable and versatile with a blend of strong colour themes.

Fabrics are predominantly natural fibres or lighter weight blends consisting of contemporary separate co-ordinates, including paneled zip front jackets; moleskin jackets; flat front, low-rise jeans and trousers; and slightly shaped casual shirts.

BL History

Brett commenced working for Barclays Menswear, Centre Point, Sydney, under the watchful eye of Richard Bowman. Brett quickly became a proficient salesman with a keen eye for fashion. This was before his professional sporting opportunities, but even so Richard had to understand the teenagers dreams and bend the 9-6pm retail hours for Brett – as he had to “leave early for training” Evidently Brett’s passion extends to all areas of his life, as not only his cricket career has blossomed from this, but also his fashion career – as his progression from work experience to experienced salesperson has born his fashion label (est.1999). Barclays is the sole stockist of the Brett Lee fashion line.

Brett’s success is a credit to himself, however he never lets himself get “too big for his britches” – as he knows the sizing all too well. When he is in Sydney he thoroughly enjoys coming into the store in a salesman capacity and interacting with customers. “Having my own line of clothing is something I’ve thought about since I started working in men’s fashion,” Brett said on the night of the label’s launch.

“Fortunately, being selected to play cricket for Australia has opened many doors for me, including the opportunity to realise a dream of establishing my own fashion label.

“I’m passionate about building the business and want to expand distribution across Australia and, ultimately, I’d love to open my own retail outlets.

“This is the industry that I want to be in when I finish playing cricket, so naturally I’m pretty serious about making it work and continuing to be heavily involved in all aspects of the business,” he said.

The clothing is distributed through a Brett Lee concept store that has been established within the Claude Sebastian Store located in Sydney’s CBD, Martin Place.

Brett worked at Barclays Menswear Store and Claude Sebastian Menswear Store throughout his cricket career, which has given him the knowledge, experience and contacts necessary to establish his own clothing label.

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