How can I get Brett’s autograph?

Your best chance of getting an autograph in the mail is by sending a request to one of the (snail mail) contact addresses. You can also contact Cricket Australia and select “Message or question for a player“.

How can I write to Brett?
You can email Brett by clicking here or via Cricket Australia here and then selecting “Message or question for a player“. I have also set up a Write to Brett page with several (snail mail) contact addresses. I cannot guarantee a response. Good luck!

Will Brett write back to me?
Due to Brett’s extremely busy schedule and high level of fan mail / emails, he can not possibly respond to each and everyone. But he does read all of them and appreciates receiving them. So keep them coming!

Can you give me his email address / home address / phone number?

No. That’s private information.

Is this the official Brett Lee website? 

Yes it is. It is authorised and sanctioned by Brett Lee and his Management. All the information on this site is current and accurate.

Did Brett have any input into designing this website? Does Brett ever visit his own website?
Yes, Brett had a big part in designing this website. He visits the site quite frequently and loves to see what the fans are up to (in the forum).

Where do we get all of our information? 
Because this website is maintained by Brett’s Management, Insite Organisation, all the information is from newspaper/magazine articles, news websites on the Internet and time personally spent with the Brett.

How many years have you been working on this site?

Brett had a fantastic dedicated fan website for some years (www.brett-lee.net.au). This is the new Official Website and has taken a few months to develop. We hope you guys like it!