1. He really does eat 7 Weet-Bix for breakfast like the commercial says!
  2. Brett’s parents gave him a gold necklace and bracelet for his 17th birthday.
  3. There is an official book on store shelves about Brett and his brother, Shane. “Lee2 – Lee to the Power of Two”. Included are some cute kiddie pics from the family album!
  4. Brett was part of a band “Six and Out” comprised of fellow NSW cricketers: Richard Chee Quee, Brad McNamara, Gavin Robertson and his brother, Shane. They have released a CD Six & Out and a stand alone EP Bring It On. Brett plays bass and does vocals.
  5. The oval at Brett’s former high school, Oak Flats High, has been named after him.
  6. Brett strongly supports ADRA New Day Foundation (ADRA stands for Adventist Development Relief Agency) who is also sponsored by one of his sponsors Sanitarium. Brett also supports the Salvation Army, Make a Wish Foundation and his Indian Foundation that he established this year (2011) called Mewsic. Check out the Mewsic tab for further details.
  7. The greyhound Brett Lee was one of the greatest greyhound dogs. To date he still hold numerous track records.
  8. He doesn’t have a cricketing superstition, but he always puts his left shoe on first. As Brett says, “You’ve got to put one on first, so why not the left?!”
  9. His favourite cricketer is Allan Donald.
  10. His favourite car is a Jaguar.
  11. Besides knowing Shukriya (thank you) & Namaste (hi), Jaldi Chalo (move fast or walk fast) in Hindi he also knows ‘Nandiri’ which means ‘thank you’ in Tamil.
  12. Brett’s favourite rugby league team is St George Illawarra Dragons.
  13. Brett is afraid of heights.
  14. Brett dreads facing Shoiab Akhtar and Chris Cairns.
  15. Brett is the first Australian player to take a hat-trick in World Cup. He did so in the 2003 World Cup in South Africa.
  16. Brett likes to eat Butter Chicken.
  17. The Indian cricket team refer to Brett as ‘khargosh’ which means ‘rabbit’ in Hindi.
  18. The first Hindi song that Brett heard was Muqabla Muqabla, at the age of 17, when he was on an under-19 tour of India, and he owns a cassette of the song.
  19. His favourite Indian actress is Preity Zinta.
  20. Brett was given a secret trial as pitcher for US baseball team Arizona Diamondbacks.
  21. When asked which one person you would like to be for a day, Brett replied Elvis Presley.
  22. Brett starred in a short film called “Dream Date”, written by producer Adam Rainford.
  23. Brett was once nicknamed ‘Oswald’ by his team-mates. Apparently, he once batted below his brother (Shane) Lee and (Ian) Harvey. When the captain was reading out the sheet, he is said to have read Lee, Harvey… Then somebody in the ranks shouted, ‘Oswald!’. And so Lee was ‘shortened’ to Oswald.
  24. Brett’s bowling run up is exactly 30 meters long.
  25. Brett’s name appears in the credits of the movie Babe as a pig handler.
  26. Brett has just recently purchased his 14th guitar.
  27. Brett is a farmer.
  28. Brett loves fishing with his good mate Dom and cousin Luke.
  29. Brett works for Channel 9.
  30. Brett loves his sleep.