Autobiography “My Life”

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‘My Life’ is not just another sports book. In fact Brett Lee’s frank admission that he finds watching cricket boring ensures his autobiography doesn’t concentrate wholly on runs and wickets. In a world where professional athletes are criticised for living their lives in bubbles Brett has broken free of his; his passion for music and living a full life beyond the boundary ropes is revealed in the book, and in doing so, the readers will be invited into the bizarre ups and downs – and everything in between – of a celebrity who considers himself an ‘entertainer’ not a cricketer. After all, how many people will ever receive a random phone call from Elton John, or be invited to have a drinking race with Prince Harry.

When it does come to cricket, Brett’s honesty and forthright comments are refreshing. He doesn’t shirk from hard stories which are certain to give the cricket fans a rare insight into the workings of the Australian cricket team. This is not a book of sports clichés. It’s real and revealing.