Brett LeeFull Name: Brett Lee

Nickname: Binga

Date of Birth: 8th November 1976

Place of Birth: Wollongong, Sydney, New South Wales

Profession: Australian Cricketer

Children: Preston Charles, born November 16, 2006.

Height: 186.5cm

Eye Colour: Hazel

Star Sign: Scorpio

Siblings: Shane (older), Grant (younger)

Interests: Playing the acoustic or bass guitar, fishing and spending time with Preston.

Greatest influences: My family. They have stuck by me and been honest at all times.

Favourite Meal: Mum’s lasagne.

Favourite Drink: Nice glass of Grange

Where He’ll Be In 5 Years: Working hard and looking after my family.

What He Worries About: Making sure my son Preston grows up with the same opportunities that I was given as a kid.

Most Important Thing To Him: “My family, we’re a very tightly knit unit. If someone told me I had to give up fashion, cricket and my music to guarantee my family’s health and happiness, I’d do it.”

Worst Habit: “Doing a million things at once.”

On Fashion: “Fashion can be misleading. It can give out wrong messages to young girls who think that they have to be skinny to be beautiful. Men can suffer from this as well, thinking that they need to train too hard or neglect their body for bigger muscles. I believe that the fashion industry needs to cater for every demographic, not just one particular section of the population.”

Favourite Music: “Aussie Rock” (Cold Chisel and Diesel)

Person He most Admires: “My brother Shane, because he’s always set the benchmark in my family. He was my mentor growing up, and I followed in his footsteps. Dennis Lillee has also been one of my heroes – he went through a lot of injuries but came through it all a class act bowler.”

What do you think you would be doing now if you weren’t playing cricket?: “Playing music and selling suits! I work for Claude Sebastian’s Menswear in Sydney and go there on any day off I can, as I quite enjoy the interaction with customers.

Best Advice Ever Received: “Never assume.”

Favourite Place In The World: “Cape Town’s a great spot, but it’s always hard to go past the South Coast of New South Wales, especially the Shellharbour where I grew up.”

Favourite ground: The SCG – I am inspired by the history and tradition.

Most memorable match: My Test debut, in the Boxing Day Test against India at Melbourne in 1999. I took 5 for 47 and the whole five days were a complete dream for me.

Worst match: A first-grade match, at Pratten Park, in 1998. I ‘broke’ my back diving for a ball at fine leg and the resultant stress-fractures kept me out for several months.

Motto in life: Be happy and enjoy yourself.

I think it’s important to: Be the best you can.

What are you afraid of?: Heights.

What is one of your favourite songs?: Flame Tree’s (Cold Chisel)

Most embarrassing moments in cricket?: One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was walking out to bat with two left-handed batting gloves.

What did you want to be when you were a young kid?: I wanted to be the world’s fastest bowler.

Name one of your favourite movies?: One of my favourite movies would have to be Happy Gilmore.